Digital Skills For Work

Year: 2020/21

These courses will develop your practical skills in using popular apps and build confidence in the use of computers. You will gain some essential digital skills for work. Learn how to search the internet and stay safe online, along with sending and replying to emails. These courses will also help you input text and make simple changes to documents plus inserting images.

Entry requirements
You must be 19+ years of age by 31 August 2019. There is no formal entry requirements, but you must demonstrate enough interest and commitment to studying I

If you are interested in a course please fill in the form at the bottom of this page or call us on 01724 297146. If you are a customer of the jobcentre please ask your work coach for a direct referral.

Information Sessions:

TBC1pm – 3pmEngineering UTC

Digital Skills for Work & E-Safety
Exam Board: Gateway Entry Levels 2
Attendance: Wednesdays am & pm

Start DateDayTimeDurationLocationCost
TBCWednesday 9.30am – 3pm 3 weeksEngineering UTC TBC

Digital Skills for Work & E-Safety
Exam Board: Gateway Entry Levels 3
Attendance: Wednesdays am & pm

Start DateDayTimeDurationLocation
TBCWednesday 9.30am – 3pm 3 weeksEngineering UTC

Suitable For 
These courses are designed for you to develop practical skills with computers, apps and the internet. This is a good introduction to computers prior to taking a Level 1 or Level 2 qualification.
Application Method 
An initial assessment identifies your individual learning needs to enable the design of your individual learning plan. This is followed by signing on to the course.
Delivery Method 
A variety of teaching and learning strategies will be employed including demonstrations and use of several digital resources.
You may continue your work at home and tasks can be set to encourage further learning.
As your knowledge and confidence grow, your course tutor will assign exercises and tasks which will allow you to work independently and practice new skills. Your tutor will provide you with support, guidance and feedback relating to your progress and achievements via several practical tasks.
Further Study 
Guidance is given throughout the course regarding opportunities and careers. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to progress on to a Level 1 ICT course and English and maths courses.
Additional Information 
You will need to bring a pen and paper with you to enable you to take notes.

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