Learner Voice

We need you for The Learner Forum

At North Lincolnshire Adult Education and Community, your views matter to us. To make sure you get the most out of your experience here, we give our learners the opportunity to discuss and share their learning journey experience.

“Hello, my name is Ana-Maria Artene, I am 35 years old and I started attending the classes in September 2019. I would like to start by saying that I was delighted to be asked if I wanted to take part in The Learner Forum.

The forum felt like a warm and safe environment in which I could voice my opinions. I absolutely love the fact that there is an active interest that the institution is taking in its learners’ needs and opinions. 

The forum was formed by learners from different learning stages and different backgrounds, each with a different view on the learner’s needs and their final goals and expectations. The talk was instructive and the points brought into discussion were pertinent and covered in depth.”

Get involved
Fancy meeting other learners and getting to know what goes on in their course?
Perhaps you want a volunteering opportunity to put on your CV?
Or to work on building up your self-confidence?
Every six weeks, we meet with our Learner Forum over a coffee and cake, so that they can share their thoughts and ideas about learning with us.
If you are interested in joining The Learner Forum then please contact:
Abi.lindsay@northlincs.gov.uk or Paul.Burnett@northlincs.gov.uk

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