Spotlight – Meet the Maths, Digital Skills and Employability Team

Our tutors look forward to meeting you.


I lead the maths and IT department and have been teaching maths at AECL for almost 8 years. I have also taught teaching assistant courses and understanding autism.
I am passionate about removing the fear that people have around maths and love seeing that lightbulb moment when a learner finally “gets it”. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and walking on the beach collecting sea glass.


I have taught maths for 20 years with Adult Education and Community Learning, as well as other subjects, including wellbeing.
I love helping learners to be more confident with their maths and achieve their qualifications. I love to see how people can go from hating maths to feeling great when they get it and get the right answer, especially algebra! (which I also love!)
It’s important for adults, especially those that are unsure about coming to class, to know that they can come to a safe and supportive environment and this is what we offer at Adult Education and Community Learning and I offer within my classroom. So, if you have been worried about doing maths, come and join us!


I’ve worked for AECL for 23 months. I have previously taught in further education (FE) and more recently I have spent 12 years working in rehabilitation with adults with learning difficulties, delivering a range of courses to improve independent living skills.
I currently teach IT and maths. It is always interesting meeting new learners and being able to support them in achieving their goals. I returned to education as a mature student and therefore I feel that I have a good understanding of the challenges that adult learners may face. In my spare time, I run a junior football team and enjoy coaching and spending time with my family.

Male Tutor pointing at screen with two adult learners male and female looking at screen sat at computers
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