Careers Information

National Careers Service
At Adult Education and Community Learning we have good links with the National Careers Service. We are pleased to say they are able to support us in the delivery of our careers and employability courses on site. We are also able to signpost learners to the National Careers Service and one to one appointments are available in a number of ways including telephone, digital and face-to-face. At present, the NCS are unable to deliver any sessions on a face-to-face basis due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are hoping to welcome the sessions back in the autumn depending on the situation at that time. Please ask your tutor for up to date information.

The NCS continue to be available on text, telephone and through their website here. They will continue to support you in your career pathway. Please bear in mind that services such as these will have an increased volume of enquiries and will therefore be experiencing busy times in the current employment situation. Once we can offer NCS within Adult Education & Community Learning again, we shall be negotiating with learners which workshops they would find beneficial. 

NCS Workshops
Each workshop lasts approximately 1-2 hours depending on the topic and learner discussion. They are interactive and designed for the learner to get the best knowledge to be able to take the next step in their career progression. 

Application Forms

  • To enable customers to feel confident in completing application forms
  • Customers will feel able to deconstruct job descriptions/ person specifications understand what is required
  • Customers receive hints and tips on how to complete successful application forms

Creating a winning CV

  • Customers gain confidence to build, update and tailor their own CV
  • Customers are able to identify and promote their own skills and experiences in order to apply for jobs 
  • Customers gain an understanding of what employers are looking for when screening CVs from job applicants

Buzz Workshop

  • Greater self-awareness (our natural strengths, preferred communication and learning styles) and how to present this to others 
  • Personality type theory and how it can be applied 
  • How to motivate customers by linking personality strengths to course and job roles
  • How to apply personality type to building stronger relationships
  • New ways to motivate and inspire

Experience Matters

  • Assessing and understanding career motivations and plan for the future
  • Reflecting on work journey and recognising transferable skills
  • Provide information about other support agencies and career management tools

Interview Skills

  • Recognise different types of interview customers may encounter
  • Prepare customers for an interview and to increase confidence in interview situations
  • Understand what the employers looks for in an interview and deconstructing interview questions
  • Recognise the value of the STAR/CAR technique
  • Understand the importance of making the right first impression

Transferable Skills

  • What is meant by ‘transferable skills’ in relation to work and learning
  • Different ways to identify and evidence their ‘transferable skills’ 
  • How to use transferable skills in job search and career planning 
  • How to research career ideas in more detail

Employability Workshop

  • This workshop will cover parts of some of the above workshops
  • Who are the National Careers Service and what can we offer you?
  • CV – what you should include and what you should leave out
  • What are employers looking for?
  • How to access a skills health check
  • Interview skills

Careers and Skills Assessment
The Skills Toolkit is available on the National Careers Service website here. It is an ideal starting point for anyone of any age wanting advice and guidance on career choices. Research a career choice or find a career to suit you. Undertake a skills assessment to highlight your skills and match them to the job you want. Should you require any assistance please pop along to our weekly hub. Contact us for latest times and days.

Useful Links

Click on the name to vist the website
National Careers Service
For advice on training, qualifications, skills, applying for a job and more.
Search for available apprenticeships in your area or nationally.
Gaining experience and giving back, volunteering is a fantastic way to enhance your CV.
BBC Bitesize Careers
Tips on returning to learning and getting into employment.

Skills and Qualifications

BBC Skillswise
Information on English and Maths in the workplace and looking for employment.
Apply for a translation of qualifications gained outside of the UK.
Advice after criminal convictions
Information and application guidance for Higher Education
Search for a registered qualification